Service Center

Seek Improvement in Innovation, Keep Customer Satisfied

Carrying forward the service philosophy to “Caring for our clients with sincerity, creating our value with quality” and the service tenet to “Seek Improvement in Innovation, Keep Customer Satisfied”, Chint has established 20 technical service centers (15 in China and 5 overseas) and a three-level service system to guarantee technical support for customer services. Besides, our international and domestic service hotlines, together with a team of over 200 full-time technical service engineers, are ready to offer customers technical consulting and after-sales services. Furthermore, we adopt a three-level (A, B and C) mode for customer information management and will follow up and call back on a regular basis to ensure efficient information processing.

Service Scope

Technical Support
Technical support is available for a complete series of products of Chint Group, including product consulting, type selection & replacement, simple application & installation, and FAQ.

Business Support
Provide Chint distributors and customers with product information support and telephone inquiry services, and provide all customers with product purchasing information and other business support services.

Complaints and Suggestions
Chint Group always attaches great importance to the collection of customer complaints and suggestions. We have a professional team for tracking and following up complaints and suggestions flow all the way, and therefore handle each of them properly.

Warranty Policies

Caring for our clients with sincerity, creating our value with quality.

Innovation in Technology; Satisfaction by Customers.


Commitment to quality
In accordance with the related laws, regulations, rules, and other effective legal documents issued by the People’s Republic of China, CHINT offers you qualified products. For the stipulation of the time limit hereby, please refer to GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF THE CIVIL LAW OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OFCHINA and other related provisions.

Warranty period: for transmission and distribution equipment, 18 months from the date of delivery or 12 months from the date of acceptance of installation and test (in accordance with earlier expiry date); for building electrics, instruments and meters, 18 months from the date of production; for other low-voltage apparatus, 27 months from the date of manufacture.

In accordance with the agreement of the contract, CHINT is responsible for the defective products within the warranty period.

CHINT has covered products liability insurance on its circuit breakers, RCBOs, relays, contactors, starters, surge arrestors, and NZ7 series automatic transfer switches.

Commitment to Services
For any information of products and services, please dial CHINT international customer service hotline (400-117-7797). CHINT engineers offer online consulting from 8:00AM to 20:00PM, GMT+8, Monday to Friday. Also, CHINT may offer on-site service at agreed time when necessary.

Services: CHINT will provide free maintenance or replacement of the products involved in quality issues which fall within the warranty period according to the contract. And still, CHINT will provide compensable service after the warranty period. CHINT is not responsible for any costs incurred due to other problem except quality problem, without limitation to acts of God, improper installation, misusage, abusage, negligence or refitting, different controlling method or different power supply from the technical instructions informed by CHINT, disassembly or repair without authorization, problem due to the adoption of accessories of other brand without authorization or combination of other brand products with CHINT products without authorization, etc.

Any maintenance, replacement or additional provision of accessories will bring no extension or recalculation of the warranty period.

Unless any adjustment of the order, the products shall be delivered as agreed in the contract.  CHINT provides customized service according to your requirements.

In case of force majeure or other uncontrollable factors, including but not limited to , Acts of God, wars, riots, strike, plague or other epidemic, which result in the non-implementation of the services hereof, CHINT is entitled to provide the services after obstacles removed, and assumes no responsibility.