MV Water-proof and Water Tree Retardant Power Cable

1 Standard

The products should be manufactured according to standard GB/T12706-2008 and also as per IEC, BS and HD as requested.

2 Application

The products should be suitable for buried cables under the moist, abundant groundwater or water tree growth inhibiting and safely operating transmission and distribution lines of rated voltages of 3.6/6~26/35kV

3 Properties

TR cables should be insulated by electrical and water tree growth inhibiting TR insulated compound. After 729-day water tree ageing accumulation test according to the requirements for tree retardant performance in HD605. The products prolong the cables’ lives and improve safety, and they are the upgrade of XLPE insulated cables.

Longitudinal water-proof cables combine water-proof material, inhibiting the growth of water tree in the conductor, satisfying the conductivity of the cable; Radical water-proof cables combine Al-plastic tape and polyolefin sheath and have longitudinal and radical water-blocking properties. Insulated water tree retardant property of the cable is requested during the construction of cities. Major projects of some cities designating definitely using water-proofed and water tree retardant cables. It has a bright    market application outlook.