Concentric Conductor Power Cable

1 Executive Standard

It is manufactured according to GB/T12706-2002 standards.

2 Application

It is suitable for power transmission as power lines with rated voltage 0.6/1kV or lower.

3 Using feature & technical Performance

3.1 Rated Voltage U0/U:0.6/1kV.

3.2 The Max.long-term operating temperature of cable conductor:XLPE  Insulation:90℃,PVC insulation:70℃。

3.3 Max.temperature for cable when short-circuit. (lasting for max.5 seconds):250℃ for XLPE insulation.160℃ for PVC insulation.

3.4 Environment temperature in laying the cable should be no lower than0℃.Otherwise it should be preheated .Permissible bending radius of cable:single  cable is no less than 20 times of the overall diameter. multi -core cable is no less than 15 times of the overall diameter.

3.5 The finished cable should pass voltage test of  A.C 2.5U0+2kV lasting 5minutes without punture.

3.6 D.C conductor resistance complies with the stipulations of GB/T 13956-1997 in 20℃.

3.7 Low and even forward (breckard) and zero sequence impedance improves the quality of power supply.

3.8 The complete cable has strong resistance characters against electromagnetic interference and thunder strike.

3.9 Compared with the fourth core of ordinary four power cables, the outer coaxial conductor has a much lower reactance value when operating in  zero sequence, which contributes to the fast action of automatic short circuit protection so as to ensure the safe operation of cables and related equipment.

3.10 The combustion character of the cable:
Flame-retardant cable could endure firing test in bundle stipulated in GB/T19666-2005
Fire-resistance cable could endure fire rating in GB/T19666-2005.