Common Rubber Insulated Flexible Cable

1 Executive Standards

The cable made by our company tallies totally with the stipulations of GB 8735-1998 “Rated Voltage 450/750V and below Rubber Insulated Flexible Wire and Cable” and that of GB5013-1997 “Rated Voltage 450/750V and below Rubber Insulated Cable”.

2 Technical Performance

2.1 Rated voltage of YZ type is 300/500V, YC type is 450/750V. No stipulation is made for YH type.

2.2 Long working temperature of cable is 60℃.

2.3 “W” type derived cable is with anti-weather and certain anti-oil performance, which is used in places of outdoor touching oil stain.Common rubber tube flexible cable is used extensively in household, electric tool and every mobile apparatus of rated voltage 450/750V and below.