Cable for Electronic Computer

1 Brief Introduction

The product is used as connection for electronic network and control system rated voltage 300/500V and below, testing device and meters with high requirement on anti-jamming.

2 Technical Performance

2.1 Insulation wire core shall withstand AC 50Hz spark test, or drop in water of room temperature for 6h for AC 50Hz voltage test 5min.

2.2PVC insulated between the wires of finished product cable and wire cores, between wire cores and screen shall withstand 50Hz 1000V voltage test, PVC insulation shall withstand 50Hz 2000V voltage test for 5min without puncture.

2.3 Suggested allowable bending diameter: cable without armored layer shall not be smaller 12 times than cable external diameter; the flexible cable with screen structure shall not be smaller 6 times than cable external diameter.