International Exhibition on Energy, Power Generation & Transmission

For the first time, we participated the international exhibition on “21st POWER Bangladesh 2018 international Expo” which was held at International Convention City Bashundhara-ICCB in Dhaka on 25 October-2018. Mr. Amir Hossain Amu, MP & the honorable Minister (Ministry of industries, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh) seen the Inaugurating the 21st POWER Bangladesh 2018 international Expo.









The exhibition was a lot of experience for us and many entertaining as well as the views of the numerous visitors were satisfactory. We have provided detailed information about our company’s services and various products through this exhibition.









We introduced to visitors to many more products including ACB, MCB, MCCB, Transformer, Modulator Conductor, Timer, Micro Computer Timer Switch, RCBO, Serge Arrester, Thermal Overload Relay, Miniature Power Relay, Indicating Light, and Push button Switch. Leaflets also are distributed during the exhibition.We introduced to visitors with “CHINT” the largest company in the Asia region & the leading company in China on industrial electrical Equipments. We are also introduced & proud that a responsible of its branch in Bangladesh.









Why we attended at the Expos? A unique platform for public diplomacy, introducing to others and nation branding.

By collecting information the countries from across the world, The Expos showed us a rare opportunity to promote multilateral public diplomacy and improved understanding of global relationships. In our pavilions, display and showcase technological innovations engaged with civil society to craft a positive and distinctive national identity. The Expos was a transformative power in shaping perceptions of culture & nations, it has increased awareness of the host country and international participants by helping to shape and enhance a nation’s image and reputation. We want to participate again like this international Exhibition & will introduce our new products & Services to our beloved visitors/ Clients.

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