Since the 1980s, CHINT started as a small workshop with producing low voltage apparatus. With the development of the firm, CHINT became a leading enterprise in industrial electrical equipment field and specialized in electric industry particularly in China. In 2006, based on advanced photovoltaic energy resources and with the global trend of developing clean resources and protecting ecological environment, CHINT became as the largest PV plant investor in Chinese private company. CHINT has a total assets of over USD 5 billion and 29,000 employees. CHINT is also the largest clean energy supplier and energy efficiency management solution provider with the most complete product ranges in China. Our products have found ready markets in more than 100 countries and regions, including Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa etc.

Currently CHINT has been certified ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. Many CHINT products have won many international certifications such as CB, UL, CEBEC, KEMA, SEMKO, PCT, VDE, FI, ESC, RCC, IMQ representing a sound basis for the promotion of Chint in the international market.

Welcome to CHINT Bangladesh Ltd.

CHINT Bangladesh Ltd receiving cooperation from CHINT Headquarters in China with a huge accumulated experienced with a goal to make available state of the art Electrical products as total power solution throughout Bangladesh and introducing our country as a developed and prosperous country in the world. Our wide range of products and services will cover the whole power equipment industrial chain including power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution and consumption.  The company will also operating in the fields of urban rail traffic, energy equipment manufacturing, new energy storage materials, energy internet, investment and financing platform  and business incubator.

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