NVF300M Series Inverter

NVF300M Series Inverter

NVF300M Series Mini inverter is a kind of high-performance

vector control inverter, which is independently developed by

our company. It adopts advanced control strategy to achieve

a high-precision  magnetic flux vector torque control,  and  it

is characterized by high control precision, wide speed range,

large starting torque, high reliability, strong overload capacity

and flexible  and  convenient  operation. Rich  and  practical

speed  control,  torque  control,  process  close  loop  control,

simple PLC, swing frequency control,  multi – section  speed

control and other functions  can meet the needs of a  variety

of complex high precision drive.

NVF300M Series Mini inverter is divided into single-phase and

three-phase general inverters, which has strong load adaptability, stable and reliable operation, automatic energy-saving operation and other functions. It can be widely applied in medical care, food, water treatment, papermaking, textile, machine tool, conveyor belt, carpentry, traffic and transportation, communication, machinery and equipment and other electric drive and automation control fields.

Products are designed and tested in accordance with the

international standard; user environment test is strictly simulated.

Accordant standards: GB/T 12668.2-2002, IEC 61800-2.