NVF3 Series Inverter

As a high-performance open-loop vector controlled  inverter

developed by our company independently, NVF3 series

inverter achieves the high-precision flux vector torque

control by using the advanced control algorithm and is

characterized by high control accuracy, wide speed range,

large starting torque, high reliability, strong overload

capacity and flexible operation. The rich and practical speed

control, torque control, process closed-loop control, simple

PLC, wobble frequency control and multi-speed control can

meet a variety of complex high-precision transmission


NVF3 series  inverter  have two types that  are the typical

type (heavy load) and fan-pump type (light load), with the

functions of strong load adaptability, reliable operation and

automatic energy saving operation. It can be widely used in

electrical transmission and automation control areas,

including lifting, machine tool, textiles, energy, mining,

metallurgy, chemical, printing and dyeing, injection molding,

foods, cement, water supply, municipal services and


The product is designed and tested in accordance with

international standards and strictly simulates users’

application environment for tests.

The product conforms to standards GB/T 12668.2-2002 and

IEC 61800-2.