NL210 Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker without Over-current Protection

Modular DIN Rail-Residual Current Circuit Breaker

1.1 Function

Control electric circuits.

Protect people against indirect contacts and additional

protection against direct contacts.

Protect installations against fire hazard due to insulation faults.

Residual current circuit breakers are used in housing, tertiary

sector and industry.

1.2 Selection

Detectable wave form

Type B

Tripping is ensured for sinusoidal AC residual currents pulsed DC residual currents, alternating

Residual sinusoidal currents up to 1000Hz, pulsating direct residual currents and for smooth

Direct residual currents, whether applied suddenly or increasing slowly.

Tripping sensitivity

30mA-additional protection  against direct contact.

100mA – co-ordinated with the earth system according to the formula I^n<50/R, to provide

Protection against indirect contacts;

300mA – protection against indirect contacts, as well as fire hazaed.

Tripping time


It ensures instantaneous tripping ( without time-delay).

1.3 Approvals and certificates


1.4 Add-on devices

AX-5 auxiliary contacts

TC-1 terminal cover