NJR2-T series soft-starter is suitable for three-phase 220V

voltage level soft starter,  and is cored on advanced  dual-

CPU control technology. It controls  SCR module,realizes

soft  starting  &  stopping  of  three – phase  AC  induction

motor (squirrel cage type), and has wide range

of protection functions e.g. overload, input phase  failure,

output phase failure, load  short – circuit,  starting  limiting

overtime, over-voltage, and under-voltage.

The products form into complete  set  mainly  with  control

cabinet; and are mainly used  supporting  the  bypass AC

contactor with corresponding  specifications. The product

specifications cover 7.5KW  ~ 160KW  squirrel  cage  type

three – phase  AC  induction  motor;  and  widely  used  in

electrical drive equipment in  the fields  of  metallurgy, fire

mining ,  water   supply ,  municipal  administration ,  food,

cement and petrochemical. It is an ideal  updated  product

of traditional star – delta starter, and self-coupling  voltage


Standard: GB 14048.6 IEC 60947-4-2.