NGC8 Low-voltage Switchgear Panel, Withdrawable type

Application: for circuit control, protection, monitoring and power distribution in power distribution system.

Standards:IEC 60439-1

Rated insulation voltage: 1000V.
Rated operational voltage: 690V.


  1. Rated current up to 6300A. High impact resistance and high protection level.
  2. Efficient distribution circuit configuration. A single standard panel can be installed with 48 circuits.
  3. NJZ3.0D intelligent power control system adopted.
  4. Maintenance-free. High safety protection performance, protection degree of the enclosure can be up to IP54.
  5. Raw material is non-CFC and non-halogen, which is environment-friendly.
  6. Structural design and material selection greatly pay attention to preventing the production of arc.
  7. Modular design and flexible assembly.