1.1 Application scope

With rated current from 200A to 6300A, and rated service voltage of AC 415V or 690V, NA8G series air circuit breaker is mainly used in the distribution network with the circuit  of AC 50HZ/60HZ to distribute electric energy and protect circuits and  electric equipment against over-load, under-voltage, short- circuit, single-phase earthing fault.

Having art-oriented appearance, high breaking capacity, zero arcover and varities of intellectualized protection functions, the breaker can be used for selective protection with accurate action, no unnecessary power cut, and better power supply reliability.

That breaker can be widely used for power stations, factories, mines and modern tall buildings, especially the distribution system in the intelligent building, and also widely used in green projects such as wind and solar power generation.

1.2 Standard : IEC/EN 60947-2