Busbar Trunking System (Busway)

1. Application

Applicable in three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire and three-phase five-wire power

supply and distribution system of rated current up to 5000A, voltage up to 660V, 50/60Hz. It

is widely applied in industrial workshop with huge span steel structure, high-rise

buildings, substation, power station, and airport for power transmission and distribution.

2. Standard: IEC 60439-2:2000

3. Structure

3.1 T2 copper complying with IEC standard adopted. Copper covering aluminum conductor customized, which is made of L1 pure industrial aluminum with a good performance equal to pure copper.

3.2 The joint part surface of busbar is plated with silver, and the surplus surface is processed by advanced CPWP copper lightening technology, which is of great anti-oxidation and anti-corruption capability.

3.3 The insulation of the busbar is epoxy insulation coating processed. The puncture voltage of the coating can reach to 22Kv/mm 1min, and the aging resistance imitated duration test is 50 years. The product has features of reliability, fire-resistant, withstand to high temperature and wet,anti-dust and so on, etc.