Amorphous Alloy Core Dry-type Transformer

Application: applicable for all places where common dry-type transformers are used, such as high-rise buildings, commercial centers, airports, oil platforms, subways, tunnels, airports, railway stations, industrial and mining enterprises and power plants. It is especially suitable for places which are flammable and explosive.

Standards: IEC 60076-11

Rated capacity: 30-2500kVA
HV rated voltage: 10kV


  1. High safety and reliability, non-pollution, can directly run in the load center.
  2. High mechanical strength, high resistance to short-circuit, low partial discharge, high thermal stability and long life.
  3. Low no-load loss, high efficiency and low noise.
  4. Good thermal performance, high running capability. It can increase the capacity to run during forced air cooling.
  5. Good moisture performance, fire-retardant, explosion prevention and maintenance-free.
  6. Small size, light weight.