145kV Compact Gas Insulated Switchgear(GIS)

Application: For power substations, especially substations in city center, contaminated region and also hydropower stations.

Standards: IEC 62271-203

Parameters: Rated voltage: 126,145kV.

Rated current: 2500, 3150A.
Rated breaking current, 3s: 40kA.


  1. KEMA under testing.
  2. Miniaturized design.
  3. High insulation reliability.
  4. Good breaking capacity for the circuit breakers.
  5. Low noise during the operation without oil and gas.
  6. Meet various requirements of clients by modular design.
  7. Both single-pole and three-pole operation applicable.
  8. High anti-seismic capability.
  9. High operation reliability, therefore less maintenance is needed.